2023 Standout Petitions

New York City is Change.org’s top change-making city of 2023

As we close out 2023, Change.org has compiled a list of the cities with the most active changemakers and their respective petitions. While cities across the U.S. contributed significantly to the tapestry of change, New York City takes the top spot – with the most petitions created in 2023. 

Below, you can find a list of ten standout petitions that focused on New York, as well as the full list of our top change-making cities of 2023. The petitions below demonstrate inspiring stories of resilience and courage, and the power of local advocacy to shape a community. 


  1. The New York Hot Dog King Needs Your Help – With more than 55,000 signatures,  Danielle Machado’s petition highlights the unjust treatment of Dan Rossi, known as The New York Hot Dog King, a disabled 73-year-old Vietnam veteran whom city officials have harassed for decades despite holding legal permits for his hot dog cart in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Facing demands to work 24/7 or risk losing his spot, the petition calls for city officials to enforce health codes fairly and end the unwarranted harassment of a veteran.
  2. Rename Nasir Parris’s Street in His Honor to Commemorate His Life – Wendy started this petition with over 18,000 signatures that seeks to rename a street in Brooklyn, NY, as “Nasir Carter Parris Way” in memory of her 2-year-old grandson, Nasir, who lost his life to violence. With a goal to honor Nasir’s memory, the petition aims to raise awareness about child abuse prevention, using the renaming as a constant reminder and symbol against domestic violence.
  3. Implement Fines for Removing Israeli Hostage Posters in NYC – This petition, with more than 14,000 signatures, calls for New York City to follow Hempstead’s example by imposing fines on those removing posters of Israeli hostages.
  4. NYC PEDESTRIANS DESERVE SAFE SIDEWALKS AND STREETS – Donaly Shaw started a petition with over 6,000 signatures advocating for safer sidewalks and streets in New York City. It calls for the implementation of clear signage, fines for violators, and the licensing of all motorized and electric vehicles to ensure pedestrians’ safety and uphold traffic regulations.
  5. The Naming of the Rockaway Beach Amphitheater after the Ramones – Adam Cardone hopes to rename the Rockaway Beach Amphitheater after the iconic rock band, The Ramones, emphasizing their profound influence on the punk rock movement and the embodiment of Queens’ artistic spirit. With almost 4,000 signatures, Adam argues that renaming the amphitheater would celebrate Queens’ musical legacy and the burgeoning local arts scene.
  6. Repeal and Defeat Congestion Pricing – With more than 3,600 signatures, this petition calls for abandoning the congestion pricing program in the New York Metropolitan Area, arguing that it imposes an unfair and regressive tax on families, the elderly, and those with mobility impairments.
  7. Justice for Leona! Stop NYC Kill Shelters – Catherine Roias began a petition that has more than 3,600 signatures to address the wrongful euthanization of Leona, a 19-year-old dog, by the Brooklyn Animal Care Centers within three hours of being found. She advocates for the passage of either the New York Companion Animal Protection Act or the Shelter Animal Rescue Act.
  8. Save New York State Nursing Homes – With more than 2,600 signatures, this petition addresses the financial crisis plaguing New York nursing homes amid the pandemic, soaring inflation, and escalating labor costs. Urging a 20% increase in Medicaid funding through the NY State Budget, it aims to avert closures and admissions limitations.
  9. Revoke Pepper Spray from NYCDOE Prohibited Weapons – Johnny Xu began a petition with more than 2,500 signatures that calls for the reconsideration of the ban on carrying Category 2 Weapons, such as pepper spray, in NYC public schools, citing the recent investigation of a student, June Yan, who brought pepper spray for self-defense. It argues that pepper spray is a non-lethal self-defense tool, especially crucial for students facing potential dangers during their commute.
  10. Stop Closure of Essential Mental Health Clubhouses in NYC – With more than 2,400 signatures, this petition urges the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to postpone and amend the existing Request for Proposal that could lead to the closure of most essential mental health Clubhouses in the city.

You can find a list of ten petitions here. Our top ten change-making cities in order are New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Miami, Denver, Dallas, and Charlotte. 

This list was compiled by Christina Martin, Change.org’s Senior Local Media Specialist. Are you a member of the press who would like to write about a Change.org petition? Christina can help. Email cmartin@change.org with your inquiry.

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January 31, 2024 10:29 pm