See Who’s Endorsing the Presidential Candidates in Virginia

Voters in over a dozen states will head to polls on Tuesday, March 1st, to help pick both parties’ presidential nominees. Known as “Super Tuesday,” the contests held on this day will have a significant impact on the race and who may emerge as the leading contenders.

On Change Politics –– the new elections platform launched last month by Change.org –– voters are impacting the election by making endorsements of the candidates they support and they are preparing to vote by reviewing the endorsements of people they trust.

We put together this Presidential Endorsement Tracker for Virginia, one of 2016’s biggest battleground states, to provide a snapshot of what is happening on Change Politics. We’ll update this blog to include endorsement totals and highlight prominent endorsements in the lead up to Virginia’s election on March 1.  


Presidential Endorsement Tracker: Virginia

Last Updated: February 24

Democratic Race

Bernie Sanders
Total Endorsements: 283
Most Frequent Word: People

Featured endorsers:

Christopher King
Mr. Sanders has the best plans for our nation going forward in my opinion. His ideas on health care, education and big businesses buying elections are very important to me.

Meg Czaikoski of Alexandria, VA:

Hillary Clinton
Total Endorsements: 94
Most Frequent Word: Experience

Featured endorsers:

Terry McAuliffe, Governor of Virginia 
Hillary has laid out an agenda for strong growth, fair growth, and long term growth and her strong record of leadership has proven that she’s the right person to lead our country and get things done.

Michael Lewan of Arlington, VA:

Republican Race

Donald Trump
Total Endorsements: 175
Most Frequent Word: Great

Featured endorsers: 
Hon. Virgil Goode, former U.S. Representative (VA-5)
I am endorsing Donald Trump for President of the United States because he is the only candidate truly focused on reforming our immigration system.

Andrew Giordano of Great Falls, VA:

Marco Rubio
Total Endorsements: 60
Most Frequent Word: Unite

Featured endorsers: 
Tim Hugo (VA-49), State Delegate
From his roots as the son of Cuban immigrants who came to America seeking a better future, to his admirable service in the Senate, Marco is a unique, generational leader.

Robert Towner of Arlington, VA:

Ben Carson
Total Endorsements: 40
Most Frequent Word: Believe

Featured endorser: Patricia Phillips
Ben Carson is an authentic constitutional conservative who can relate to people/voters from all walks of life.

Ted Cruz
Total Endorsements: 35
Most Frequent Word: Conservative

Featured endorser: Bill Stanley (VA-20), State Senator
His vision for the future of our country is simple: that through his principled leadership, together we will build a dynamic nation where even those with nothing, have the chance to achieve anything.

John Kasich
Total Endorsements: 14
Most Frequent Word: Together

Featured Endorser: Glenn Davis, State Delegate (VA-84)
The first step to America’s next economic boom is getting Washington’s books balanced, and the last person to balance them was John Kasich. 


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February 17, 2016 12:33 am