2023 Standout Petitions

Atlanta is one of Change.org’s top change-making cities of 2023

As we close out 2023, Change.org has compiled a list of the cities with the most active changemakers and their respective petitions. While cities across the U.S. contributed significantly to the tapestry of change, Atlanta lands in the top ten – with the fifth most petitions created in 2023. 

Below, you can find a list of ten standout petitions that focused on Atlanta, as well as the full list of our top change-making cities of 2023. The petitions below demonstrate inspiring stories of resilience and courage, and the power of local advocacy to shape a community. 


  1. Stop Cop City AtlantaThis petition started by Emily Turner with 24,000 signatures highlights the concerns of the people of Atlanta regarding the proposed “Cop City” project, which involves using 300 acres of forest for a mock city for police training. The petition emphasizes the environmental impact of destroying the largest metropolitan tree canopy in the US and the potential for over-policing in a predominantly Black/minority community. 
  2. Preserve Georgia’s Natural Beauty: Sign the Petition to Safeguard Highfalls State ParkThis petition, started by Kimberly Orihuela, urges the State of Georgia to purchase or re-zone an industrial property adjacent to Highfalls State Park Lake, which was purchased with SPLOST TAX and zoned for industrial use. With over 7,400 signatures, the petition emphasizes the negative impact on Highfalls State Park, local communities, and the environment, citing a development plan for warehouse space that could generate significant waste and runoff, potentially harming the Towaliga River and Ocmulgee River downstream.
  3. Start Air India direct flights between Atlanta and India – Started by Anika Chugh, this petition with more than 6,000 signatures expresses the strong desire and support from the Indian community in Atlanta for the initiation of a direct flight service between Atlanta, Georgia, and various destinations in India. Highlighting the city’s growing Indian population and the considerable demand for convenient air travel options, the petition urges Air India to consider launching direct flight services to meet the needs of thousands of passengers, enhance travel convenience, and strengthen cultural and economic ties between Atlanta and India.
  4. Bring Our Loved One Home, Tony HoldenRita Holden started this petition with more than 5,000 signatures that is a plea for support for Tony Holden, a U.S. citizen detained in Kuwait on drug charges. The family emphasizes that the charges don’t align with his character and urges the U.S. State Department to ensure his welfare and facilitate his swift and safe return home.
  5. Justice for A’Cariyon: Petition for Cari’s Law – A Call to Protect Lives in Residential AThis petition, initiated by grieving parent D’estin Perry who lost their 9-year-old son in a tragic incident involving a speeding truck and an ice cream truck, calls for justice and reform within the community. D’estin proposes “Cari’s Law,” a set of regulations focused on ensuring pedestrian safety in residential areas, specifically addressing ice cream trucks’ licensing, the installation of cameras, uniform punishments for traffic violations, and the amendment of legislation related to vehicular homicide in residential areas. More than 3,500 people have joined in signing the petition. 
  6. Recognizing Treebody’s Honorable Character In her petition, Olivia Houston calls on the Fulton County Superior Court to recognize the positive actions and character of Quentavious Parks, a 23-year-old social media influencer and YouTuber from Atlanta, Georgia, known as ‘Treebody.’ Olivia and the more than 3,000 people who have signed her petition want to showcase that Parks has been using his platforms to inspire his generation to lead positive and productive lives, engaging in charity work and influencing individuals facing challenges like depression and poverty.
  7. REMOVE CONFEDERATE FLAGS AND SYMBOLS FROM STONE MOUNTAIN PARK, GEORGIA This petition with more than 2,500 signatures calls on state officials to promptly remove all Confederate flags, symbols, and names of Confederate leaders and Ku Klux Klan supporters from Stone Mountain Park by the end of 2023. Emphasizing the offensive nature of these symbols in a public park supported by taxpayer dollars, the petition threatens to boycott the park and call for organizations to cease doing business with it if the removal is not completed within the specified timeline.
  8. Ban the boot in Atlanta. Work with ATL Boot Key to eliminate predatory booting nowChristian Verrette started this petition that urges the banning of car booting within the city limits. More than 2,400 people have signed his petition that talks about the negative impact on low-income individuals, safety concerns, and the creation of an unwelcoming environment. They continue to highlight the financial burden, perpetuation of poverty cycles, and potential dangers associated with the practice, calling for a more just and equitable city.
  9. Stop the Hopewell Road MegaParkCindy Hester started this petition with more than 1,800 signatures directed at users of Hopewell Road in Milton, expressing concern about the recent discovery of the city of Milton purchasing properties on Hopewell Rd for an athletic mega park without informing nearby residents. The petition highlights potential issues such as increased traffic, environmental impact, threats to Milton’s rural heritage, and the lack of consultation with residents before the purchase.
  10. Bring Jollibee to Atlanta, GAThis petition, led by an avid Jollibee attendee, Ryan Yturriaga, urges Jollibee Foods Corporation to open a franchise in Atlanta, Georgia, given the significant increase in the Filipino and Jollibee-loving community in the metro Atlanta area. Ryan, along with his 1,500 petition signers,  emphasizes the vibrant multiculturalism of Atlanta, the growing Filipino population, and the potential economic and cultural benefits of having a Jollibee branch in the city. 

You can find a list of ten petitions here. Our top ten change-making cities in order are New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Miami, Denver, Dallas, and Charlotte. 

This list was compiled by Christina Martin, Change.org’s Senior Local Media Specialist. Are you a member of the press who would like to write about a Change.org petition? Christina can help. Email cmartin@change.org with your inquiry.

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January 24, 2024 10:48 pm