Inside Change with Stephanie Brancaforte

How would you describe the working atmosphere at and the people with whom you work? 

My colleagues at are passionate about supporting people in becoming powerful agents for positive change. They are also delightful, caring and funny people. My immediate colleagues are spy novel junkies, cat lovers, artists and music geeks. I learn from everyone practically every day. 

What part of this job do you personally find most satisfying? Most challenging? 

The best moments are the surprise and pride of petition starters who start to realize their power to create change, and feel the power of solidarity when they used to feel  alone. Seeing them being listened to — by the media, by political and business leaders — as they fight for a good cause is what makes the work incredibly inspiring and worthwhile. 

What’s a cause or social issue that you’re passionate about?

I’m passionate about stopping the climate crisis both because it poses an existential threat to the world as we know it and because if we solve it, it means we will have made progress on so many other interrelated issues — inequality, pollution, corporate corruption and more. 

What is one thing you wish everyone would do this Earth Month?

If you’re in the US, make sure you’re registered to vote and can do so by mail, and campaign for candidates who are committed to truly sustainable policies and a dignified transition of our economies. 

In any country, I invite people to help push for post-COVID policies that will put workers and the environment first in any recovery plan, and to abandon doctrines of endless economic growth, which have not served us. 

Which are some of the environmental campaigns on our platform you are especially excited about?

In Italy, we have a growing campaign to reallocate the nearly 20 billion euros spent  every year on subsidizing the dirty energy industry to strengthening the healthcare system, in the wake of the devastation wrought by the coronavirus. 

Tell me about one professional accomplishment you are proud of.

I have supported many activists and negotiators in the Middle East, strengthening their ability to tell their stories, access power centers and advocate for protecting civilians. 

If you could time travel, where would you go?

Sometime during the Mesozoic so that I would be more invested in the endless dinosaur books my child makes me read with him.

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April 16, 2020 3:55 pm