How Your Membership Will Drive Impact at Change.org

Change.org is the world’s leading hub for civic organizing. We empower people everywhere to transform society through free access to world-class campaigning tools and professional support. More than 180 million people in 196 countries come to our platform to make changes on causes ranging from criminal justice and clemency to women’s rights, the environment and political accountability.

Our tools allow anyone anywhere to make their voices heard.

Here are a few of their inspiring stories:

Change.org members are the primary source of funding for our platform. Their generous and regular contributions keep our tools free and open so that people around the world can take collective action that turns petitions into movements on campaigns you believe in. The contributions that our members make to Change.org move us closer every day to a world where no one is powerless and creating change is a daily occurrence. Learn more about Change.org membership.

Written by
Joshunda Sanders
August 1, 2017 5:33 pm