Exciting Announcement: Introducing ChangeClimate

New York Magazine recently published a sobering piece on the worst case scenario we could face because of climate change and it has everyone talking. Some critics of the piece argue that author David Wallace-Wells’ doomsday approach to the subject is not helpful, others take issue with some of the science he cites.

But there’s one central theme of Wallace-Wells’ piece which no one disagrees on: climate change is happening, and it’s threatening human survival on earth.

While this is a scary fact to consider, we know that there is still a chance to turn those worst case scenarios around – but it requires action. That’s why I’m so proud to launch ChangeClimate, a movement inspired by the hundreds of climate petitions we’ve seen started over the past few months, and supported by generous Change.org community members. This project is meant to connect changemakers like you with with campaigns and organizations who are fighting for a planet that is safe for all of us.

After reading the piece, I couldn’t help thinking about the home we are leaving for our children. Will we be defined as the generation who slept away our last chance to save the Earth? Or will we rise up as the clock ticks closer to midnight?

The Change.org community is rising up. Check out ChangeClimate to join people fighting a trash incinerator in Detroit, home heating oils in New York, or a pipeline in Virginia. Welcome to the movement.

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Written by
Juliana Britto Schwartz
August 1, 2017 8:49 pm