8 places to drop your petition on the net

8 places to drop your petition on the net

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it means your petition is in tip top shape and ready to bring in those signatures. Petition photo? Done! Great description? Heck yes! The title? FIRE! You’re sharing on social media and ready for that next step.

By now, your Campaign Coach would have sent you some fantastic action items on spreading your petition all over the web, but we get that it’s kind of difficult to get started. We went ahead and put together this list of 8 places on the net that will get you started on this *highly impactful* step in spreading your petition.

Put this list into action, and don’t forget to text your Campaign Coach anytime with questions!

    1. Facebook Groups

      Facebook Groups has become its own beast on the net. Millions of people actively participate in a variety of groups, and these millions are definitely potential petition signers.

      Think about the theme of your petition. Is it about healthcare? Work? A fandom or tv show? You should find groups that are in line with your theme (search here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/feed/ ). We recommend reaching out to group admins for approval to share your petition so that you are welcomed with open arms.

    2. Twitter threads and chats

      Do you know who your decision maker is? The person or people who can make your petition demands a reality? If not, send a text over to your Campaign Coach to find this out ASAP!

      Once you know who your decision maker is, let the online stalking begin! Just kidding, we’re exaggerating, but hopping on social media platforms like Twitter to @ your decision maker is a great way to get your petition on their radar. We covered sharing on your socials, this is taking it to the next level. Write something like:

      Hey, [@name]! We started a petition on @changedotorg to [quickly quote problem and solution]. Will you work with us? [petition link here]

    3. Reddit

      As we all now know, Reddit has Wall Street level power, and you should definitely tap into this power as you grow your petition! For those who are new to Reddit, get signed up and start browsing here: https://www.reddit.com/subreddits/search

      Reddit despises people who “promote” things but don’t engage in the convo, so make sure to take the time to actively participate in subreddits you find. When you share your petition, don’t just drop the link and run! Take a minute to explain why you started your petition, talk about the issue you address, and share your proposed solution.

    4. Fandom websites

      Google [your fandom name] fan chat (i.e. Disney fan chat, nickelodeon fan chat.) There is basically a website out there for every fandom, and as you probably know, there are few groups who form a strong united front the way that fans do! Fan groups respond best to really sincere posts, so don’t be afraid to tell them why this matters to you and what it will mean to achieve the change you’re seeking.

    5. School/Work chats and boards

      This is a step that we see many petition organizers skip. Your school and work groups are such a fantastic resource that should not be ignored! Drop your petition on virtual boards, on slack, and/ or in group chats and create some buzz about it. It’ll be the hot topic of the break room.

    6. Discord Server

      There’s basically a server for every topic on earth, so we’re sure you can find one that would welcome your petition. Search for servers relevant to your topic, and if you’re already active on Discord, don’t forget to ask the friends you chat with regularly to support you.

      You can also host an event with Discord’s live video chat feature to answer questions and spark discussion.

    7. Twitch/Clubhouse

      Your petition is totally worth hosting a virtual party about! Many people have made so many wonderful friends all over the world thanks to cool sites like Twitch and Clubhouse.

      Connect with that community you’ve built and share your petition with them. Encourage them to sign and share with their other Twitch/ Clubhouse networks!

    8. LinkedIn

      Don’t forget about your professional contacts! Head over to LinkedIn and share your petition with former coworkers, folks you met while networking, even those random people you’ve never met that added you for some unknown reason.

      Make sure to write a casual yet semi-professional note to send with your petition link that explains your problem and solution.

Send a text to your Campaign Coach and let them know where you’re getting started! What are your top three internet spots??