Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion @ Change.org

At Change.org, we are working to build a multicultural organization that contributes to a more equitable world.

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Our vision

Change.org exists to empower people across the world to positively impact issues in their lives, on their hearts and in their communities.

We are on a mission to create a world where no one is powerless. In order to achieve that ambitious aspiration, we are working on a comprehensive set of activities that work to achieve justice, in our organization and in the world, including: 

  • Redesigning processes to embed principles of equity in order to enable every staff member to thrive
  • Assembling a team that represents the wide diversity of lived experiences and identities of society
  • Building power for those who hold less of it as a function of society’s deeply entrenched systems

Our Goals

With staff and hundreds of millions of users across the globe, Change.org has a serious responsibility to help usher a new chapter where organizations make DEI core to everything they do. Here’s how we’re working to do that.

Our staff and leadership is disproportionately representative of people from marginalized communities.

In order to empower people everywhere, we must ensure equitable representation of our users in our operations. It is our responsibility to reflect the wide diversity of backgrounds, lived experiences, opinions and perspectives, especially when it comes to marginalized communities. When working and leading with those inputs, we are best positioned to serve the needs and interests of our staff and our users and align with our values and mission.

Our organization surpasses industry benchmarks on key inclusion indicators, including our own inclusion index.

A critical part of achieving our representation aspirations is growth and retention. Our leadership team is responsible for investing in and executing upon strategies that help create the conditions to ensure that all staff, in all functions and at all levels, but particularly those from marginalized communities, thrive at Change.org. If we’re not taking necessary action to ensure those staff members excel and grow, then we are failing. Period.

Our Programs

Let’s state the obvious: Most organizations weren’t designed to advance diversity, equity and inclusion when they were founded, including our own. Rather than hide behind our shortcomings, we are honest and humble about them.

Our comprehensive programming aims to equip our staff members to evaluate our systems, evolve our practices and seek actionable commitments from leadership. We are working to advance our organization beyond “doing enough” to setting a new standard for how companies carry themselves in the world.

Key Initiatives

  • Structured interview processes that aim to mitigate bias in our hiring practices and promote equity at every stage in the process
  • A pay equity program that ensures that all staff are paid consistently and fairly, as based on assessment of their skill and performance
  • A robust onboarding program that fosters an inclusive and empowering educational experience for new hires, featuring a DEI 101 session, and trainings to advance trans inclusion and racial equity
  • Leadership development programsfor Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, and individual and group coaching for transgender/non-binary staff
  • Regular surveys sent to staff to understand their sentiments and experiences in our organization, so that we can work to build upon strengths and improve areas of growth
  • A DEI Council made up of a small group of staff —across levels and departments— that works to inform and advance our DEI programs within their teams
  • Inspiring panels and Change.Talks to explore and educate on topics such as intersectionality, misogynoir, inclusive design, feminism or Islamophobia
  • 12+ Community Resource Groups support personal development, professional growth and social connections for staff who come from marginalized communities

And many more: Non-native English speakers, New to the workforce, Women Helping Others Achieve, etc.

Team Makeup

It’s critical to our existence as an organization to have people on our team who both bring and actively embrace difference, whether of perspectives, identities and lived experiences.

Current Efforts

The pursuit of justice never ends, so the work never stops. Here’s a look at some of the projects we’re taking on right now to continue to make progress toward our goals.

  • Refresh of company values
  • Inclusive meeting guidelines
  • DEI Policy to set clear expectations for all staff
  • Assessment of skill and contribution to advance DEI in the performance review process
  • A sponsorship program

Diversity and equity are at the core of our work and products

Our expertise lies in supporting people everywhere to create the change they want to see.

Equity / Social Justice /Racial Justice /Diversity / Equality are values that fuel many of the movements and petitions on our site.

List of 3 or 4 diverse petitions to display:

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Racial Justice at Change.org
Our commitments to racial justice

includes work to move $6 million U.S. dollars into the hands of Black people on the ground who are leading the ongoing fight for justice.

In the near future, we hope to expand our programming outside of North-America. 

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