Inside Change with Lindsay Stuiber

What is the driving force in what led you to 

I was at a point in my career and life where I was desperately looking for purpose. At that point (2018) I was running my own recruitment agency and was feeling stuck – like I needed to evolve but didn’t know how. A great friend and mentor in the business suggested I take a short term contract with a company whose product or mission really excited me. I saw that Change was looking for a contract tech recruiter and thought “why not!” I initially started on a 90-day contract and was just going to be here to fill a couple of high-priority roles. What I didn’t anticipate was how incredible it would feel to truly be part of an organization like this, rather than simply a vendor. I’m thankful I was invited to join the team full-time and I’ve enjoyed contributing to our mission for the last two and a half years. 

What’s one thing you think we can do to advance our mission and build a better workplace? 

We can continue to scrutinize and rebuild systems with equity in mind. Everything we do, from the way we hire to the way we interact with one another is based on a system. Like many start-up tech companies, some of our systems were unintentionally created. Now is the time to reevaluate the how and the why of things and prioritizing rebuilding/refining/replacing systems that perpetuate inequity. 

What are some traits you look for in candidates who apply to work at 

Aside from having the core skills to do the job itself, I get really excited by folks who demonstrate a hunger for solving big problems. Candidates who have taken the time to understand what we do, our scope and impact and who can articulate what excites them tend to make me extremely excited.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to professionals who may be trying to manage their identities in the workplace? 

Be bold and be authentic. Let go of your armor as it will only drag you down. I have never regretted standing in my own truth but I have absolutely regretted the times I’ve made myself smaller to appease others. 

How do you think LGBTQ representation within the tech industry has improved or expanded in recent years? 

Representation has improved steadily over the years. There are a couple of factors that stand out. One is proximity: the Bay Area is a hub of progressiveness with a huge LGBTQ cultural center. In addition, public perception began to shift in the 2010s, culminating in the Supreme Court’s historic 2015 ruling that effectively legalized gay marriage. A year before that, Tim Cook made history by being the first openly gay CEO of a Fourtune 500 company (Apple). Finally, there are thousands of individuals who have contributed to the cultural shift simply by showing up and being who they were, even when it wasn’t safe. 

What’s a cause or social issue that you’re passionate about? 

Ending state sponsored violence against marginalized people – specifically Black Americans. 

How do you relax? 

My girlfriend and I love to cook! I also love gardening and my backyard is full of herbs (and even tomatoes) that make cooking all the more satisfying.

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January 19, 2021 6:36 pm