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Need even more people to see your petition?

In moments of crisis, we all look for ways to make a difference. Adding your name to a petition can be a bold act of solidarity and support. And by getting even more people to sign it, you increase the petition’s chance of winning.

With Promoted Petitions, you can support a petition with more than just your own signature – it’s a way to put your money toward making a difference too. By promoting a petition, you’re buying advertisements for it. Your ads help the petition quickly reach far more people, so more people can sign it.

With more signatures, a petition can become truly influential. The media is more likely to cover the story of the petition. There is more public pressure for an official response. There is a better chance of winning.

Promoted Petitions offer the chance to help a petition win and influence policy makers to make lasting, sustainable changes. In some cases, a successful petition can result in policy makers investing a large sum of money to address the issue at the heart of the petition. 

In other words, every dollar spent to promote a petition can have an outsized impact.

Here is what it looks like to chip in to promote a petition on

When you choose to promote a petition, you’ll see this:

By clicking “preview your ad” an image like this appears:

The last step is to confirm payment. This is what it looks like:

When a petition is promoted, that petition will reach people beyond standard social media sharing. This is a way to spread a petition outside your own network to reach hundreds or thousands of new supporters.

Promoted petitions can go on to gain hundreds or thousands (sometimes even millions!) more signatures. For more information visit our Terms of Service.

Questions? Take a look at our Q&A on Promoted Petitions.

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May 27, 2020 11:07 pm