People Taking Action for the Planet

We are just days away from a historic, global event. On Friday, Sept. 20th, people from around the globe – students, moms, dads, teachers, scientists, doctors, CEO’s and retirees – will take action together. 

They will reach out across borders to address an issue that affects us all – protecting the health of our planet.

You don’t have to wait until Sept 20th to take action. You can get started by signing these critical petitions today:

Kids say “No!” to plastic toys in their Happy Meals.

More than half a million people have signed a petition asking McDonald’s to help save the environment by phasing out plastic toys in Happy Meals.

The petition was started by two kids named Caitlin and Ella, who will be meeting with McDonald’s leadership to talk about their campaign. Your support now – before this meeting – will help send a loud message to McDonald’s leadership that the whole world is watching how they respond to Caitlin and Ella. Sign and share their petition today!

Fracked gas pipelines are threatening communities around the U.S.

Imagine living next door to a blast zone of a massive fracked-gas pipeline. You watch your water turn to brown sludge. The pipeline poisons wildlife. Your community’s safety is at risk from everything from explosions to illness.

That’s the daily life for Ella, Paula, and Herman. The three have teamed up to stop the construction of these pipelines in their neighborhood. Today, they need your help to reach 100,000 signatures on their petition.

2 million plastic bags are consumed every minute.

Single-use plastic bags can live in the environment for up to 500 years. They destroy ecosystems and contribute to climate change.

That’s why Theresa is hoping to convince Target to take a bold step for the planet. As a customer and petition starter, she’s hoping to grow her campaign to 500,000 signatures to share with Target executives. Will you join her?

More you can do to help:

Taking action on climate change isn’t limited to signing petitions. There are a number of ways you can get involved over the course of the week:

Not everyone agrees on the various solutions to fixing the world’s climate crisis, but we can all agree that life as we know it, depends on a healthy, livable planet Earth. 

Thank you for your support on the causes you care about most. Collectively, our voices can change the policies and laws that affect us day-to-day. We can shape the future.

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September 17, 2019 2:50 pm