Here’s How to Reduce Your Impact on the Planet According to the Huffington Post

After partnering with us on a movement to end food waste, The Huffington Post has created a 10-part animated video series, Sustainable Self, to inspire consumers to reduce our impact on the planet.

Each video takes “the viewer from a micro to macro perspective by featuring a simple action and demonstrating the effects that action has on the planet when multiplied, ” according to the publication.

The latest Sustainable Self video titled Do More, Meat Less explores the connection between animal agriculture and climate change. You may be surprised by the impact you’ll have by eating just one veggie burger a week!

It’s not just about what you eat, though. The Lift A Finger, Save The World video suggests switching to cold water when doing laundry as a means of conserving energy that goes into hot water. The statistics are surprising!

The series kicked off with Bring Your Own which suggests skipping those disposable plastic bags, utensils, and bottles in favor of reusable items.

With each video there’s always a recommendation for inspired readers to visit the Sustainable Self Movement page on Change.org to learn more and start their own petitions.

The videos are released every Thursday, and there are still seven more videos to go. Please ”follow” the Sustainable Self Movement and stay tuned for updates.

Pulin Modi is a Senior Campaigner, Change.org. You can follow him on Twitter, @IAmTomorrow.

Written by
Pulin Modi
August 16, 2016 8:19 pm