People Have Started Hundreds of Petitions About Pokémon Go

On Wednesday, July 6th, gaming companies Nintendo and Niantic released a new version of their popular Pokémon franchise game called Pokémon Go.

Immediately after release the game took off in popularity, even surpassing Twitter in the number of daily active users on Android devices. At the same time, people have started hundreds of petitions about the game over the past few days on a wide variety of topics — from compatibility to safety and more.

Pokémon Go is an “Augmented Reality Game” that lets people “see” Pokemon in the real world, using their phone’s camera. By using your phone’s GPS, players are able to walk through the real world hoping to spot and catch Pokémon.

Only available on iOS and Android devices, the largest petition so far was started by a user in Italy calling for the creators of the game to expand its compatibility to smartphones using Intel processors.

Similarly, a user in London is gaining support for expanding compatibility to Windows devices.

Since Pokémon Go is played in the real world, users are also asking for better protections and safeguards.

Vincent from New Jersey is asking the developers to make sure that Poké Stops and Poké Gyms are not placed inside cemeteries, noting “not only is it disrespectful to families of those who have past, but to the dead as well.”

And finally, after reports of player muggings and car accidents, Charles in Texas is calling on better safety standards for the game, and particularly when users are playing while driving.

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Written by
Kelly Sawyers
July 11, 2016 9:46 pm