Virginia Votes: The Most Persuasive Endorsements for Each Presidential Candidate

More than 700 voters in Virginia have made endorsements of presidential candidates on Change Politics in the lead up to the state’s “Super Tuesday” primary election on March 1.

We’re keeping track of which candidates are leading the pack on the Change Politics’ presidential candidate endorsement leaderboard, but we wanted to highlight a couple of the most compelling and persuasive endorsements we came across for each presidential candidate.

We’ve listed them below in the order of the popularity of each candidate on Change Politics. You can click the links below to share your favorite endorsements with your friends.

Better yet, you can head over to Change Politics to make your own endorsement today. 

Bernie Sanders

Michelle Hutchinson | Richmond, VA:
I’m 68 years old. I remember Dwight Eisenhower, and how my parents, lifelong Democrats, respected him. I remember John Kennedy, and how the nation fell to its knees in grief over his assassination. I remember Jimmy Carter, who maintained the peace and fed the hopes of ordinary Americans, and how he was scorned and sneered at by the career politicians. I remember Ronald Reagan, and how he seemed like the tipping point, over into a long downward slide for the middle class. I remember them all, the good and the bad and the stupid, and I think it has to stop. We can’t keep electing thieves and con men and expect our pockets not to flatten, along with our hopes and dreams. 

Bernie is the light at the end of a long, dark, scary tunnel – he presents the chance that maybe it doesn’t have to continue to be good for the rich and bad for everyone else. He offers us the opportunity to establish a new mandate for our elected officials, that they will work for us and not for the almighty dollar. He offers the best chance since the New Deal for affordable education, a living wage, fair dealing and honest bankers. I honor the man for his willingness to put himself out there, to uphold the principles that built this country and made it great. A vote for Bernie is a vote against the new Robber Barons and for the continued hope for a better tomorrow for all of us. He has my vote, and as many more as I can encourage to vote for him.

Michael Rosen | Arlington, VA:
Senator Sanders is the candidate I support because he is a Maverick, and he’s going to change how things get done in DC. He’s so mavericky that maverick is being redefined by him. They may just call all mavericks moving forward Sandericks.

Donald Trump

Renee Blythe | Virginia Beach, VA:
I support Donald Trump because he will secure our borders and make America safe again. He will bring jobs, further education and reform health care. He will secure our Social Security and Medicare. He will re-negotiate trade and rebuild our infrastructure. He will produce jobs by rebuilding our military and support our veterans. He will restructure the government and get rid of waste and fraud. He will get rid of Common Core and help make education affordable. Donald Trump will rebuild this country so that our children and grandchildren has a country they can be proud of while they achieve wealth and the American Dream as he has. This is why I support Donald J Trump!

Fred Ritter | Norfolk, VA:
I like most of Mr. Trump’s views on major issues. As a small business owner, I have suffered for the past 10 years with the bad economy, and I truly believe that he is the smart businessman that get our economy on the rise!

Hillary Clinton

Clare Fleming | Occoquan, VA: 
I believe that Hillary has the experience, intelligence, courage, and humor to serve as an excellent President. This is especially crucial right now, as we need to bring America back to a standard of compassion, inclusion, and strength of purpose, and to keep up the excellent work President Obama has brought about. Furthermore, since I work in international affairs, I am acutely aware that the US is far behind many other countries in embracing the power of female leadership. I also believe that Hillary’s knowledge and experience in international affairs is unsurpassed by all other candidates, and that she is well respected internationally and can carry compelling weight with other key world leaders.

Donna Jacobsen | Mechanicsville, VA:
Hillary is presidential. She is cool and collected in all situations. She is tenacious, intelligent, caring, authentic, and she has a proven record. She is the only one who could stand up to Putin and win. Her resume is noteworthy and in today’s complex world, we need a president who is ready on day one. This is her time! We need her. 

Marco Rubio

Bryan Black | Chesapeake, VA:    
Marco Rubio is the most presidential of all the candidates, in both parties. He’s the type of youthful leader we need. His intellect and judgment appear impressive. I don’t agree with him on every issue, but his beliefs and values are more in line with mine than any other candidate. I think he will be a great representative for our country. My impression of him is that he won’t bow down to anyone on a tough issue, but he will be willing to work to a compromise on any tough issue. That’s what this country needs to end the gridlock in Washington. I see him as someone who will work extremely effectively across party lines while staying true to his values. He’s not a rich man, yet he has Republican values — and that’s an extremely attractive qualify. 

To me, he’s an everyman who grasps the ups and downs of both the rich and the poor and those in between. I used to be big time into politics, but what has gone on the past decade totally turned me off to politics and to government in general. Marco Rubio has rejuvenated my interest in politics. I definitely want him to be our next president. I cannot vote for either Democratic candidate. No possible way. I cannot vote for Trump. No possible way. I’m lukewarm on any other Republican candidate. But I strongly support Marco Rubio. I’ll be very disappointed if he’s not the Republican nominee.

Scott Powers | Port Republic, VA:
Marco has a voice of strength and optimism. He is a leader we can trust to keep us safe from terrorists and restore the American values.  With 20+ years in the US Army, I can see that he has the knowledge to regain our strength as a great nation and to restore our status as a World Power. I am fed up with the failed leadership and we cannot afford four more years of this disastrous bad policy making bunch we have in DC now. Let’s take a closer look at the unprofessionalism of the other candidates with the name calling, lying, tattle tailing, throwing punches at each other. This is certainly not what we need. We need a true leader and his name is Marco. I can’t wait to cast my vote.

Ben Carson

Gigi Walentiny | Virginia Beach, VA:
Dr. Ben Carson has my support and will receive my vote in the Virginia primary because I believe him to be a man of great character and moral integrity.  He has decades of experience making intricate, life and death decisions and has worked as part of a TEAM for his entire career. I firmly believe that he possesses the skills and desire to reunite our country after the past two terms of divisiveness.  I trust that he will increase the dedication of our allies and improve our standing in the world.

William Stout | Quinton, VA:
I know Mr. Carson. He spoke at Randolph Macon College and his message resonated with me. I know him to be an honorable and honest man. I believe that Dr. Carson would make an excellent President and that he would be a man that we would be proud to have as the leader of the free world.

Ted Cruz

Brandon Kelley | Grottoes, VA:
Ted Cruz is a man of high moral standards and traditional American values. He is the embodiment of what our nation’s president ought to be: a man who leads with boldness and courage, a man with a backbone, experienced in matters of state, a man with wisdom and with insight into the inner workings of government. He stands 100% behind the Constitution and is a man of integrity – he will come through on his promises. He is a family man with a gentle and compassionate heart. He has a vision for the future and has the determination and passion to take us there.

Rebecca Alger | Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA:
Ted Cruz follows through. He says what he means and does what he says. He’s a true conservative whose Constitutional values are the basis of every decision.  We need to get our government back to the basics.

John Kasich

James Wilson | Henrico, VA:
Not only does Gov Kasich have executive and legislative government experience, he has outstanding successes that demonstrate his abilities to apply reason to the situation as well as political acumen to bring together his colleagues to get things done.  He far outshines anyone else running in either party for his abilities to set goals and accomplish them.

Rani Covington | Alexandria, VA:
John Kasich is truly the only person running for President who has the ability, the plan, the brains and the heart to lift our nation up from the morass where we’ve wallowed for too long. He is a true statesman.

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February 24, 2016 9:04 pm