Data Trends: Supporters React to Donald Trump

After Donald Trump announced his presidential candidacy on June 16th with a speech that included inflammatory remarks about Mexican immigrants, people immediately took to and started almost 200 campaigns to show their disapproval – many taking aim at Trump’s business relationships.

The most popular petition, started by Guillermo Castañeda, asked NBC to end its relationship with Trump. 

After three days and 218,000 signatures, Guillermo and the supporters achieved victory: NBC announced it would no longer air Miss USA, Miss Universe, or The Apprentice.

Here’s the timeline of events that led to the victory:

This map visualizes supporters of the victory:

Castañeda wasn’t alone. More than 20 petitions asked NBC to cut ties with Trump, accounting for over half of the over 400,000 total signatures that oppose Trump.

Other recent victories in the fight against Trump:

  • The PGA announced they would move the grand slam away from Trump’s LA golf course
  • Chef José Andrés canceled plans to open a flagship restaurant in Trump’s new hotel
  • Macy’s dropped Trump’s clothing line and announced they would be discontinuing their business with him

Current petitions asking people and companies to stop supporting Trump include:

On the other side of the discussion, there are almost 30 petitions supporting Trump, or advocating against companies like NBC and Macy’s for cutting ties with him. The most popular of these support petitions asks people to support Trump’s stance on illegal immigration.

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Here are some other petitions that might interest you:

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July 9, 2015 10:54 pm