Strong Petition Content

Checklist: How to Make Your Petition Strong

First off, give yourself a pat on the back. The biggest step in the petition journey is taking on the challenge to create change you want to see in your community. 

✨ A M A Z I N G ✨

Now that you’ve committed to the fight for change, let’s make sure your petition is optimized to get every viewer to sign. Take some time to review your petition (text your campaign coach for a second pair of eyes!) and apply this checklist to make it strong. 

A Title with Impact

Your title is V IMPORTANT!! It is the most effective way to grab a reader’s attention, so you really want to make it count. Here is the formula for a perfect title:

Action word + Your problem + Your solution + Location

And see some examples of that formula put into action:

★ Demand A Hybrid Learning Schedule at East High School

★ Keep the Iconic Show The Office on Netflix

★ Create a Less Sexist Dress Code for Females at West Middle School

★ Allow Access to North Dog Park in Crescent City, CA

Need a suggestion or two for your title? Text your campaign coach, they’re loaded with ideas!

Relevant Photo or Video

Petitions with a photo declare victory X% more than those without, so adding media to your petition can literally be the deciding factor between a win and a loss. Take some time to think about a photo that is relevant and impactful. 

For example, a petition about the healthcare system could showcase a photo of hard-working nurses,  or one about school could show a stressed student or teacher.

Check out for inspo and free photos to use. 

The First Paragraph

Did you know that the average attention span of an online user is 8 seconds? There’s even a chance we’ve lost you here at this point! You’ll want to save that daydream for later and tune back in though – the first paragraph of your petition is highly important.

This is where you should reinforce the problem your petition addresses, and your proposed solution for those people who just don’t have the attention span to read more than a sentence or two. Use this template to get you started:

I made this petition to make sure that ____ (the change you want). This issue affects ____ (community) and we need change now! Please sign and share with others!


We have seen petitions with just one paragraph win a victory. We have also seen deep, detailed petitions that could rival a 5-page essay win. There really isn’t a perfect length, but it is important that your petition stays clear, easy to read, and on topic.

If your petition is more than five sentences long, add paragraph breaks every few sentences so that it’s easy to read, especially for signers who are reading on mobile. You can also add bold formatting to your most important points or strong sentences. 

Once you’ve made it through this checklist, your petition is strong and ready to go! Feel free to ask your Campaign Coach to give it a quick look and make sure your content is top tier. Great work!