Mobilizing Local Groups and Contacts

Mobilizing Local Groups and Contacts

Have you ever seen a tv show that features (or experienced irl) the unique charm of small town life? Locals are always running around that cute little town square, saying hi to the coffee shop owner and getting groceries from a quaint shop and having burgers and shakes at the diner? It’s a place where everyone knows your name, all are encouraged to speak up at town hall meetings, and you would like, really ask a neighbor to borrow an egg or milk (how retro, right?).

This little guided daydream has a point. That picturesque little town of 200 or so people would basically be any local’s first 200 signatures if they started a petition! So let’s dive into your local groups and contacts, and maybe turn that neighbor you have never spoken to into a signature.

Check Your Memberships

Do you have any hobbies? Maybe you have a running or gym group, participate as a part of PTA, have a study group, even people you game with regularly. This is a great place to start spreading the word about your petition!

We recommend reaching out to the instructor, manager, or leader of your group to talk to them about sharing your petition with everybody. Who knows, they might provide an opportunity to have your petition featured on the website, in the newsletter, or on their social media!


Every town and city has those beloved small businesses that add charm and character to the streets. Your favorite restaurants, shops, cafes, even arcades and local destinations like mini golf have the potential to offer you more signatures. Especially if this petition affects your local community.

Keep in mind that pretty much all of these businesses have email lists! Try having a conversation with a manager or owner about partnering with them and getting featured in a newsletter.


Time to hit up your work bestie outside of the workplace! Scary, we know, but the peers you have at work or school are a powerful resource for your petition. Scroll through old work contacts, your LinkedIn, the class contact list, and/or through your email.

Reach out via email or your work/ school chat and keep the tone professional, but a little more casual than a typical work message. Let them know this is a cause you are passionate about!

Whip out the rolodex

Remember that cool lab partner you had in Biology 101? You weren’t really friends but you spent that entire semester chatting and laughing and sharing homework notes. What about your 3rd grade teacher? That amazing Zumba instructor who invited you to join her pyramid scheme perfume program?

ALL of these people who you have even the smallest connection with are potential signers! You just have to find the perfect way to reconnect with them.

BONUS!! Here are Outreach Templates 🙂

You’re welcome! As you start sending emails and texts and dms, use these handy templates to effectively engage your community and get everyone to sign.

Option 1: for work and semi-formal acquaintances

Hi [Name],

Hoping this message finds you well! I’m reaching out because I think that [petition problem] is a huge issue in our community/ at our school/ in our discord server. We need to address this by [ solution]. What do you think? Will you support this cause by quickly signing my petition? [link]

Please let me know if you are able to sign and share!

Option 2: perfect for old friends and peers

Hey [name], long time no see! Hoping all is well with you! I started a petition on because we need to address [your petition’s problem]. I think it’s time for us to act and [ petition’s solution]. Will you take a quick second to sign this and support the cause?

Option 3: A quick text to those you see regularly

Hi [name], I started a petition about [what your petition is about] and I want it to go viral! Can you take a quick minute to sign it?

Keep track of your to-do List

  • ▢ Memberships: gym, sorority, alumni, knitting
  • ▢ Hobbies: gaming, running, PTA, school clubs, dance, church
  • ▢ Printed Materials (ask/ text Campaign Coach)
  • ▢ Cafes, bars and restaurants
  • ▢ Shops and boutiques
  • ▢ Local destinations: mini golf, museums
  • ▢ Chat with business managers: social media or email feature
  • ▢ Networking: business contacts, coworkers, workers union, past coworkers/ employees
  • ▢ Text/ email family
  • ▢ Text/ email friends
  • ▢ Text/ email acquaintances
  • ▢ Host a Zoom info call