The Campaign Victory Kick-Off

The Campaign Victory Kick-Off

Oh hey, fancy seeing you here! Looks like you opted out of our petition support. We’re sad to see you go, but we just couldn’t leave you with absolutely nothing.

We realize that, by opting out, you may see yourself as a bit of a Campaign Pro yourself. Respect! You totally got this – and just in case you need guidance on where to start, we put together this quick guide to help you bring in tons of signatures.

See four steps that will kickstart your campaign success, and if you get stuck just send another text to your campaigner (who is waiting and hoping to hear from you, btw!!).

Step 1: Who is your Decision Maker???

This may come as a bit of a shock, but the president is probably not your decision maker. Most people do have him listed as their go-to guy, but sending your petition to someone a little closer to home, so to speak, will be much more effective.

Ask yourself these questions:

Find the person in power who is closest to your issue and make them your decision maker. How do you find out who they are, you ask?? Well – ask us! We’re still waiting (a tad anxiously) for your text.

Step 2: Irresistible Content

What does it take to get people to sign a petition?? With thousands of petitions being created each week, it takes more than just a cause worth fighting for. Here’s what we recommend:

A show-stopping title: This is the first thing a potential signer will see, so it’s the best place to grab attention. Make sure to start with an action word, state your problem, and introduce your solution.

A relevant photo: Don’t skip this part! This is another important opportunity to grab your signers attention. Use a photo that clearly represents your cause and tells the story of your petition.

Address your problem and solution in the first paragraph: humans kind of have like, really short attention spans. Some will take the time to read all the wonderful details in your petition, but sadly some will not. Get straight to the point right at the top.

This is one of the toughest parts of starting your petition, we know! If you’re feeling stuck, we are still hoping to help you and have a few extra tricks up our sleeve!

Want a second pair of eyes on that? Text us….

Step 3: Share Share Share!

Most people don’t know that the most successful campaigns are shared on social media every single day! No matter what platform you use, the friends and followers you have are a resource for gaining signatures.

When sharing, make sure to include a photo, explain the problem you’re addressing, state your solution, and ask a question at the end to get people talking about your petition.

Step 4: Whip out the Rolodex

Okay so no one even has a Rolodex anymore, and most of Gen Z has no idea what that is (It’s basically a fancy contact book). But one of the most powerful tools for petition growth is hitting up the folks you already know.

Text and email friends and family about it, reach out to old colleagues and coworkers, hit up school groups, local clubs and community centers, even your Saturday yoga class could be a huge help in getting your petition to really take off. Find EVERY contact and communicate with them about this!

We hope you get the victory you’re fighting for! Don’t forget (how could you with all those handy reminders!) that your Campaigner is waiting to help you whenever you need them. Send us a question or two!