Vice President of North America Bec Wilson interviewed on BBC Business Matters.


A little under two weeks ago,’s new Vice President of North America, Bec Wilson, appeared on BBC Business Matters, a daily, hour long live news program with a business and economics angle that’s broadcast simultaneously on the BBC World Service and Radio 4.

In the interview below, Bec discusses the power of’s platform and the ways everyday people are taking action on issues they care about, most recently around a movement for companies to reduce plastic straw use and the health hazards UPS, FedEx, and USPS drivers face as they deliver packages in non-air conditioned vehicles.

As Vice President of North America, Bec oversees country operations in the United States and Canada, leading the campaigns, email, membership, and partnerships teams in their mission to support citizen-led and technology-driven social movements.

Prior to her role at Change, she served as the Deputy Executive Director at the Centre for Australian Progress and the Chief of Staff at GetUp, Australia’s most prominent campaigning organizations. She was also a senior advisor to the Independent Mayor of Sydney for nearly eight years.



Written by
AJ Walton
August 8, 2018 5:26 pm