Victory: Massage Envy Announces Changes to Sexual Assault Policy

On December 5th, two months after Danielle Dick started her petition asking Massage Envy to take action to prevent sexual assaults in their spas, the company announced a set of thorough and transparent changes it would be taking to address the issue. In a decision-maker response on the petition, Massage Envy CEO Joe Magnacca stated:

“In shaping this plan, we knew that we must do it thoughtfully and we couldn’t do it alone. In addition to experts in victims’ rights, sexual violence and the massage industry, Danielle Dick provided important insight, and has been a key voice in shaping the plan. This plan, which was designed to create a safe environment for both clients and therapists, will be rolled out and implemented across the network over the coming weeks.”

The new plan includes steps to improve background checks on massage therapists, support clients who choose to report assaults to the police, provide franchisees with resources to help them investigate new cases, and to form a Massage Envy Safety Advisory Council, on which Danielle Dick will sit.

Massage Envy reached out to Danielle before releasing the announcement, reacting to the wave of support and testimonials she received because of her campaign. In her victory message to signers, Danielle shared her excitement at having her voice heard, and seeing her campaign have such a measurable impact.

“It feels almost unbelievable that I launched this petition just over a month ago with the decision to speak publicly about my story. This experience has really impressed upon me our collective power to create positive change.”

“Without each of you this win would not have happened. I hope you feel as good as I do about knowing we helped create a major step forward in the fight against sexual assault.”

Written by
Juliana Britto Schwartz
December 13, 2017 9:34 pm