How You Can Hold Lawmakers Accountable on Change.org

National politics have been marked by disorder and instability, starting at the very top of our government, The White House. Staff shakeups, policy confusion and a lack of transparency have weakened America’s posture as an efficient, representative democracy at home and abroad.

The actions — and inaction — of our elected officials have put the future of our democracy on the line. Partisanship is partially to blame for how we got here, but we are not powerless to do something about it.

Ordinary citizens like you continue to face these challenges every day by raising your voices to hold our elected officials accountable.  When you come to our platform, the world’s leading hub for civic organizing, you join tens of millions of people — from the right, left and everywhere in between — who are elevating petitions demanding fair and effective representative government.

Time and again this year, you’ve taken action to remind lawmakers that the President and Members of Congress work for you. After every breaking news moment or prolonged legislative battle, you’ve organized to defend civil rights, protect access to opportunities and to call for necessary changes for a better future. Take a look for yourself:

Our democracy is at its best when we have full transparency and total accountability. People like Nancy, Harold and Jill have made the choice to actively work with others, not further the divide that often distances citizens and cripples our nation’s pursuits.

They’re able to do so thanks to the generous support of Change.org members, who contribute on a monthly basis to help others make a difference. They help fund the tools and professional support that help give power back to the people (which is particularly important given the Trump administration’s unresponsiveness to We the People petitions).

Our tools provide anyone, anywhere with the chance to share their stories and attract audiences to mobilize for action. We know that many citizens don’t live in big cities. Folks like you may not be able to attend organized rallies or join local chapters. That can’t be a limiting factor in these critical times for civic engagement.

Change.org offers free access to member-funded resources, which allow people without deep pockets and influence to build public support for the issues close to their hearts. As an open platform, citizens put politics aside to fight for the well-being of their family members, local communities and the nation at-large. It’s a place where partisanship doesn’t have to rule the day.

Though August is known to be a slow month for politics, now is the time to plan for the big decisions coming our way. Critical political appointments — such as a new Department of Homeland Security secretary — need to be filled by the Trump administration. Congress will soon turn its attention to tax reform, the federal budget, and government funding resolutions. As we’ve witnessed, the debate over healthcare is never over.

Stay tuned for more updates about political accountability campaigns taking off and others ways you continue your active participation. Thank you for choosing to be part of a vocal community of action-takers on Change.org who are working to make sure our leaders, institutions and systems serve all Americans!

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August 10, 2017 9:45 pm