Tax Marches Took Place in Over 200 Cities on Saturday

On Saturday, April 15, over 125,000 people took part in the Tax March, protests calling for Donald Trump to release his tax returns that were organized in more than 200 cities around the world.

The largest crowd was in Washington, D.C., where an estimated 25,000 people showed up to hear speakers including Rep. Maxine Waters and Sen. Ron Wyden, before taking to the streets to make their voices heard.

Nancy Huehnergarth of Chappaqua, NY has been doing incredible work to bring hundreds of thousands of people together through her petition on, which just this weekend passed 425,000 signatures. Over the last month, Nancy encouraged her signers to find and join local Tax Marches and even got a bunch to bring signs to their marches to help promote her petition! Petition signers in Salt Lake City, Orlando, Austin, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, San Francisco, and Honolulu held signs like “I signed the petition!” and “I demand transparency.”

Head over to our Facebook page to see an album of photos featuring petition signers taking part in their local Tax Marches.


It’s always great to see petition supporters take the steps to get involved beyond the petition, whether that’s making phone calls to their representatives, voting at the polls, delivering petition signatures in person, or attending an event like the Tax March. The Tax Marches even made enough noise that President Trump took to Twitter to complain about them:

On numerous occasions Trump has said that he would release his tax returns for review. But May is fast approaching and he’s yet to do what every major party candidate has done for the last 40 years. Saturday’s Tax March proved that this is an issue many Americans care about — and one that won’t be going away soon.

If the president releasing his tax returns is an important to you, you can add your name to Nancy’s petition here.

Written by
Jon Perri
April 18, 2017 7:19 am