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3 Tips for Using Petition Updates to Win Your Campaign

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Log in to your petition and send an update today.

You’ve started a petition on You need to gather some momentum or keep it going in order to make your campaign a victory, but how?

Our Petition Updates tool is one of the most effective ways not only to get more signatures, but also to keep your supporters updated and encourage them to take actions that will help win your campaign.

Angie – a mom who fought for stronger anti-bullying laws – used the tool to send petition updates to her supporters and gained the signatures she needed to win her campaign.

In the video above, Angie talks about her story and Senior Campaigner Kelly Sawyer describes how you can use the Petition Update tool like Angie did to make your change happen.

The Petition Updates tool was integral to Angie’s victory. Here are our top three tips for using Petition Updates to help win your petition:

1. Update your supporters every single time something happens in your campaign.

Remember they signed your petition because they really care, so they will want to know what happens next. If you’ve got something valuable to share, send it, even if you send something every day. But at least share some news once every week. See how Angie updated here supporters, here.

2. There are many reasons to post an update, try to use each of these in your campaign:

  • Share media coverage or news stories that relate to the campaign
  • Ask your supporters to help your campaign in some other way, like donating to a Crowdfunder, posting on the decision maker’s Facebook page, or tweeting at them
  • Ask your supporters for advice or contacts that will help win the petition
  • Tell them when you’ve been in contact with the decision maker

Need an example? Check out this update from Angie.

3. Always ask your supporters to do something in support of your petition when you send an update. Here are a few examples:

  • “Read and share this news article so more people hear about our campaign”
  • “Leave a comment if you have ideas for how we can win the petition”
  • “Tweet at the decision maker”

Take a look at Angie’s example for inspiration.

Posting an update to your petition takes less than two minutes and it can help you win! Log in to your petition and send an update today.


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Written by
Christina Frenzel
June 10, 2015 10:33 pm